Joe Shea has a great job selling electronic industrial security systems. While applying, he was advised to get married to appear more stable to his very conservative company. For his bride, he chooses Michelle, a registered nurse and six years his senior. When he makes good bucks selling, he fools around on her quite often. Then he meets Carla Mendez, a sultry enchantress the likes of which Joe never met before. Not only does she seduce him, but she introduces him to a gang of thieves, who exploit Joe’s expertise in burglar alarm systems to pull off several big robberies. Then his wife, Michelle, is killed in an automobile collision. Joe’s shaken by this, but also glad that he can spend more time with Carla. But shortly Carla jilts him for Smoke Tyler, an NFL All-Pro quarterback. She also bilks Joe out of his share of a big robbery, and because of her, he loses his job and has to drive a cab to make ends meet. When Joe learns that Carla murdered his wife and three innocent people, making it look like an accident, he is bent on revenge, and chases her half way around the world.

Is it worth it?

Find out!


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