Mandy is a beautiful girl—very charming and intelligent. She has just one big problem—she can’t make up her mind what she wants most out of life—whether she should be the kept (not married) woman of a rich, older man who can give her all the luxuries she craves, or being the devoted wife of the man she truly loves.

The two men in Mandy’s love-life have their own problems. Jerry, the multi- millionaire, is in the throes of a no-holds-barred divorce battle with his fifth wife Sheila, who threatens to bring her husband before a court for sexually abusing their daughter, Jessica, when she was just three years old. Doug, Mandy’s true love, is striving to make a success of his own small company in the new wild-and-wooly Internet business, happily clashing with his hated rival, Jerry, an old-school printing/publishing magnate.

Then there’s Les, Mandy’s brother, who set her up with the millionaire in the first place. In return for his service and loyalty, Jerry appoints Les the manager of his cash-rich Las Vegas casino. But Les comes to like and admire Doug, to the point where he actually advises his sister to make a go of it with the younger man. When Jerry learns of this—all hell breaks loose, and the Mafia gets involved.


With the scene changing back and forth from Chicago to Las Vegas to Davos, Switzerland, Mandy is a fast-moving tale that turns quickly from a heart-throbbing romance to a suspenseful thriller!


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