The Return of the Don




Don Patrick is in love! The problem is, the rich, aging ex-Mafia crew boss is in love with Nora, his nephew, Ernie’s, fiancée, and a girl young enough to be his granddaughter! Because the beautiful Nora is so warm and friendly to him, Don thinks that she’s in love with him, too! Don confides this to his best friend, a younger man, Dr. Bill Maltese.

The doctor is shocked by his old friend’s thinking, so he talks Nora into passing herself off as “Sophie,” a fictitious half-sister of the doctor’s, who he tells Don has been raised in a convent and is madly in love with him and actually wants to marry him. Don immediately forgets about Nora and goes through with a sham wedding. But just as soon as the ceremony is over, “Sophie” turns into a henpecking shrew and a spendthrift.

But just when it seems like the farce is working Don decides to prove himself to Sophie by buying a five-story green building and going into the antiques business. Despite his total ignorance of his trade, everything goes great!

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, in Goose Creek, Alaska a giant grizzly bear devours an animal rights activist and his girlfriend. Sheriff Ajax Kincaid is unable to hunt the beast down because of pressure from the national media and PETA.

Closer to home, WJIZ productions is desperately trying to replace the loss of its biggest customer—The Gulden’s Mustard Hour.

How do these seemingly unrelated events have anything to do with Don, Nora/Sophie and Ernie?

You’re guaranteed to be surprised and amused to find out!


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