Deus ex machina:

the god in the machine




U.S. Naval Intelligence has used the genius of two young criminal hackers-turned-clandestine military computer experts to corral an intelligent entity floating in cyberspace. Their objective is to harness the awesome power of this entity (dubbed by the Navy as “Spearhead”) for cyber warfare against Iran. By chance, an ordinary young musical instrument salesman, Rod Ames, acquires Spearhead, who he re-names Diana, resets its access code, and uses it for his own self-enhancing purposes.


The Navy, of course, is very determined to get Spearhead back. Their efforts to reacquire this cyber spirit, however, are complicated by several factors. First, they want no one to know about even the existence of Spearhead, and their cyber war with Iran was very secret, and Ames threatens to make the whole thing public if he is harmed in any way. Then there’s the young man’s up-and-down love life, for which Spearhead-Diana becomes a prime adviser. Finally there’s the retail business war between Norris Pianos & Instruments and Tucker Music, run by Gene Tucker, a demonic individual who will stop at nothing—even murder—to best his hated rival.


Spearhead, meanwhile, has its own needs to fulfill, regardless of any pain or suffering by humans.


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