The objective of U.S. Naval Intelligence is to harness the awesome power of the entity dubbed "Spearhead." Spearhead, meanwhile, has its own needs to fulfill, regardless of any pain or suffering by humans. More | Order


With the scene changing back and forth from Chicago to Las Vegas to Davos, Switzerland, Mandy is a fast-moving tale that turns quickly from a heart-throbbing romance to a suspenseful thriller!
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When Richard “Dick” Burnette, Dean of the Stockman School of Music, near Chicago, is murdered at a gala school costume party, everyone saw who did it or did they? More | Order


Set mostly in Chicago, New York, Cuba and Miami, Augie is a tale of the worlds of organized crime and big-time opera colliding, thereby generating a series of action packed
—and tragic— consequences. More | Order


Joe Shea has a great job selling electronic industrial security systems. While applying, he was advised to get married to appear more stable to his very conservative company. For his bride, he chooses Michelle, a registered nurse and six years his senior. When he makes good bucks selling, he fools around on her quite often. Then he meets Carla Mendez, a sultry enchantress the likes of which Joe never met before.
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Don Patrick is in love! The problem is, the rich, aging ex-Mafia crew boss is in love with Nora, his nephew, Ernie’s, fiancée, and a girl young enough to be his granddaughter! Because the beautiful Nora is so warm and friendly to him, Don thinks that she’s in love with him, too! Don confides this to his best friend, a younger man, Dr. Bill Maltese.

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